Risk and Resilience Programme

Risk and Resilience, delivered by METRO Charity, works With young people aged 13-18 of any gender around relationships, identity, and gender norms. We work with those involved in potentially harmful sexual behaviours, as well as those vulnerable to exploitation. The key topic areas include sexual health, sexuality, emotional literacy, communication, consent, boundaries, puberty, gender roles, masculinity and conflict resolution. Sessions are user-led and so vary for each individual case, and run on both a one-to-one and group basis.

This service goes beyond delivering practical health information, recognising that sex and relationship behaviours are linked to much broader identity and attitude issues. We therefore design interventions that build self-esteem, critical thinking, and emotional literacy in addition to practical knowledge and skills around healthier sex, relationships and communication.

Our one-to-one work is delivered either in person (in a range of locations) or remotely. Sessions typically run weekly for a period of 6-8 weeks. Our group sessions are conversation-based for groups of up to 10 young people the service takes a holistic view of sex and relationship education. Young people have a choice to work with a male or female worker.

Young People can be referred using the below form. If you are a referring somebody under 16, you may refer them using the Fraser Guidelines without obtaining parental consent.

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