Young Greenwich Recent Stories!

8th Jun, 2022 21:09pm

Youth Hub Open days:

Our youth hub opened its doors to the public to provide the fantastic opportunity to showcase all the great work that takes place. The hubs provided fun resources and favours for those who are interested in joining. Councillors, such as Ann-Marie cousins and Commissioning Director Dave Borland attended the open day in Hawksmoor youth club and could see the engaging activities that are available for young people in Greenwich. They were also joined by Oxleas NHS Nurses who delivered a range of health-based workshops. 

Have a look at the pictures to see what took place!

New Staff Member: 

We are excited to announce we have Renee Anderson joining us here at Young Greenwich. She will be starting as our Triage Lead. We asked Renee A few questions to see how she felt about joining us.


What excites you about your new role?

I have a strong passion to give back to our young people in the community and giving our young people a safe space. Knowing that within my role, I will be helping numerous young people and parents access help/support is the best part of the job for me. Parents and young people don't always know what support is out there for them to access, so I think the new Young Greenwich website and what CACT is offering are amazing

What background working with young people do you have?

I have worked with and around children for the last 3 years of my working career. I started off as an Apprentice Teaching Assistant working with all ages of children in KS1. Towards the end of my apprenticeship, I was taken on as a full-time member of staff and was then made a Special Educational Needs and Disabilities One to One for a child in Reception. I then moved over to work as a Support Service Officer within the Youth Offending Team, which was a very exciting opportunity for me.

What contributions do you think you can make working at Young Greenwich?

From living within the local area my whole life, I know some of the struggles and challenges young people are facing and have undergone them myself growing up. From having this hands-on experience, working within a school, studying the mental/physical development of children and still being very young myself, I feel I will be able to engage with young people in an effective and productive way and put new ideas on the table – in which I always have the best interest of the children at heart.

We look forward to Renee being a great asset to the team and organisation. I have confidence that she will deliver her great skills and positivity throughout her journey here- Charlie Macdonald, Director of Youth and Inclusion, CACT

Futurerversity Summer Progamme

We have started taking registrations for our Futureversity programme in partnership with Open doors. It is a great opportunity for young people to take part in activities of a wide range. To find out more about this programme visit here.

As the summer is slowly (very slowly) approaching we hope to see many more activities and events within our organisation :)