March highlights at Young Greenwich

8th Jun, 2022 20:38pm

March has been a busy and exciting month here at Young Greenwich. As we reach the end of March let's have a look at all the great things that have happened during this time 

Royal Borough of Greenwich Civic Awards

On Thursday 17th of March, we attended the Royal Greenwich Civic Awards at Woolwich Town Hall. Many of our partners and young people received amazing awards to celebrate their achievements. It was an inspiring night and a great opportunity to see all the amazing work the community does. A big congratulations to; Superkidz, Javan Coker Foundation, Paul and Lucy Murphy (Metro Judo Club), Nicole Walmer from Hawksmoor Youth Hub, and Sarah Belle Thapa from Skills and Care for all their outstanding accomplishments. 

Our New partners

We were also proud to welcome five new partners to our service this year. They are Javan Coker Foundation, Skills and Care Greenwich, Little Fish Theatre, Central Eltham Youth Project, and Middle Park Community Centre. All partners deliver some great work across the community and have a positive impact on young people. Our aim here is to provide a variety of services for young people to access and we cant wait to see all the engaging activities that they will deliver! 

Educational tutoring service success

In partnership with B Young Stars, we have been delivering an educational tutoring service to young people. This service provides maths and English delivered by qualified teachers combined with an hour of fun activities at one of our Youth Hubs. Many of our young people and their guardians have seen significant improvements in their education and confidence. A massive well done to all those who attended!

Engaging workshops at our Hubs

Across our all youth hubs, we have been delivering some amazing workshops. Our hubs have been engaging in various food projects to improve and increase healthy eating in a creative way. This includes providing free fruit and weekly cooking sessions. Art is a great form of expression and creativity for many of our members. This month they have created some outstanding pieces of art such as tie-dye or watercolor paintings. see below! Lastly, it is important for our members to have important conversations and discuss social issues, this happens through our workshops. Some topics for these workshops included peer pressure, youth improvement, and women's celebration. 

We hope that April brings more celebrations, achievements, and sunshine to Young Greenwich.