‘An inspiring night of celebration’ – Young Greenwich Awards 2022! 

24th Jun, 2022 17:30pm

‘An inspiring night of celebration’ – Young Greenwich Awards 2022! 

On Friday 17 June over 200 members of Young Greenwich plus their friends and family joined us at the University of Greenwich to celebrate their achievements at our annual Young Greenwich Awards. 

The awards recognised the successes of our young people over their time being part of our youth service. There was a variety of awards received and we were honoured for them to presented by the likes of Royal Borough of Greenwich (RBG) Mayor Cllr Leo Fletcher, RBG Deputy Leader Cllr Averil Lekau, University of Greenwich Vice-Chancellor Professor Jane Harrington and Charlton Athletic Football Club Owner Thomas Sandgaard.  

We aim to celebrate our young members achievements and support their aspirations which is more important than ever as they deal with the effects of COVID-19 and lockdown.  Our members are aged 8 to 19, come from a range of backgrounds and have a diverse range of talents. This is why we made sure we offered a variety of awards such as Sports Achievements, Personal Development and Young Leaders, making sure all talents and achievements could be celebrated.  

We were also lucky enough to have a performance by our Avery Hill Youth Hub member Daisy Arnold, who sang her own original song and received a standing ovation from the crowd! Young Greenwich means more than just a youth service to many, this was highlighted by member Lauren Ashton who gave a speech stating that ‘Young Greenwich has become my second home, I’m so glad to be part of it.’   

The night ended with a raffle drawn by Andrew Evans, CEO of Metro Charity, and Dr Raelynn Maloney where three winners received some cool prizes such as £100 voucher provided by Bunker 51.  

Diane  Crawshaw, Head of Young Greenwich – School Nursing Service, said ‘I found the awards such a positive event. Congratulations to everyone!’ 

Dallal from Young Greenwich partner Greenwich Tuition Centre added: ‘Our students, staff and myself had such a great time, thank you for all your amazing efforts’. 

It was an inspiring night and we were so glad that everyone could join us and we hope to celebrate their achievements again soon. Have a look at the pictures to see how the night went. 

Thanks, and Appreciations: 

  • University of Greenwich for sponsoring the awards  

  • *All the university staff involved in the process, student ambassadors and volunteers, Heidi King Director of Communications and Recruitment 

  • Our special guests for the evening 

  • All CACT Staff 

  • Young Greenwich partners, parents and guardians  

  • Most importantly, a special thanks to all of our young people