Young Greenwich extra-curriculum tutoring success!

8th Jun, 2022 20:54pm

Since last term, we have been holding 10-week extra-curriculum tutoring sessions for young people delivered by B young stars. These sessions combine Maths and English with an hour of fun activities. We provide the opportunity for young people to receive qualified teaching and gain value from these sessions.

Due to the effects of COVID, many students had struggled with their learning and we see our sessions as a stage of recovery to support young people. By using the Schools Online service young people can also continue their learning development at home.

It is clear that many parents are seeing the benefits of these sessions and plenty of progress in their young people’s learning, such as the Mum of Austin Clarke who attended our last block of sessions who stated.

"There has been so much improvement this is shown in his results from his first assessment to the second one. He has improved in maths and English! I would definitely recommend this service to parents"

The teachers and mentors at B Young Stars have created engaging ways for young people to achieve long-lasting academic success. Our aim is for all young people who attend to gain confidence in their learning and we are positive we are reaching this goal. 

Have a look at some pictures to see how the sessions went!

Austin Clarke and Mum Jodie

If you are interested in signing up your child for a 10-week tutoring slot please visit